Infants – PreK

(6 wks – 5 yrs)

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Advance Learning For Kids Hours:
We are open 6:30am-6pm M-F
We offer a 5 hour and an
all day program.
We Provide:
*A nurturing, safe and loving environment
*Low teacher/child ratio
*Background checks for all staff and CPR/First aid certified
*Structured environment
*Redirection method of discipline
*Consistent observation and assessments
*Full day of learning and fun
*Learning areas that include dramatic play, block area, manipulatives, science, art and math and reading
California Daycare Center
Early Childhood Education Our Curriculum:
We offer age appropriate curriculum for each class. We display your child’s art that reflects our monthly themes. All projects are presented monthly in a book put together for you to save. Each week your child will share a letter bag with an item representing the letter or color of the week. Each child will present this in front of their peers during circle time to encourage speaking and presentation skills. Interactive touchscreen Smart board 20-30 minutes each day that encourages phonics, vocabulary, science, math, reading, writing, exercise, music and dance. Music in the classroom is done three times per week for 30 minutes. This encourages musicality, movement, rhythm, beat, and an introduction to a variety of instruments! Yoga class is twice a week for 30 minutes. We inspire, engage and empower children through yoga. Spanish is provided in each classroom daily where your child will learn basic letters, numbers, and colors.
Please click on the Curriculum Calendar to check out our monthly themes, letters, colors, and animals.

Curriculum Calendar

Education For Kids CA
At The Gift Of Kids, our goal is to provide high quality education for your children. We make sure that our curriculum provides the information your child needs. With our Advance Learning programs your kids will enjoy learning & playing, all at the same time.